Thursday, April 17, 2014

Math Review Folder

Outside Geometry Review
Today we finished our math review folder! We've been working on this a little each day for about 2 weeks. The folder contains some brief reminders and tips for all our big concepts from the year. We like to spend a couple of weeks before our STAAR test reviewing the year's concepts. As we reviewed a concept, we added a brief entry into our folder.

Geometry Review

Inside View

Area, Perimeter, Volume Review

Measurement Review

Lines and Angles Review

Measurement Conversion Review

Place Value Chart - Closed

Place Value Chart - Open

Fractions and Decimals Review


Natalia Mendoza- Silva said...

I love this! What did you use as your folder?

Erika Contreras said...

This is such a WONDERFUL idea! My son is a 5th Grader n has been struggling with math for 3 years now so I will work on making this with him. Thanks a lot n keep these great ideas coming!

Lisa Crawford said...

That us just a regular file folder opened and then folder like a shutter fold. ��